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Drcarlsonalbion & The Hackney Lass

Modern English Folklore Volume One: Remixes (feat. Dylan Carlson)

The Wormhole

Released: 28th January 2013 | 2 track experimental single

Guitars/music by Dylan Carlson. Original writings vocalised by Rosie Knight, a young spoken word poet and activist from Hackney. Recorded by Stuart Hallerman at Avast!, Seattle, June 2012. Both tracks remixed by Dylan Carlson, from the original versions which were first heard on a limited double 7 on The Wormhole in late 2012.

'Modern English Folklore Vol.1: Remixes' is a digital extension of the second release in the ongoing drcarlsonalbion project, begun by Dylan Carlson of Earth. It reflects his longstanding interest in the occult folklore and history of the United Kingdom and his abiding love for all things British.

The first release, 'Edward Kelley's Blues' b/w 'Drunk on Angelspeech' for cassette-only label The Tapeworm, comprised spectral environmental recordings from the area around Waterloo Station, a former haunt of magicians and alchemists in the early modern era, and the site of one of Dylan's own encounters with 'spiritual creatures'. That release focused on Dr John Dee and, more importantly, his much-maligned scryer/medium, Edward Kelley. This second instalment uses ancient myth and occult lore, updated to the present-day Borough of Hackney in London's East End.

This is a digital download on The Wormhole, a byproduct of The Tapeworm. England, oh, perfidious England, as the ramparts of its seas were inaccessible to the Romans, there also the faith of Christ is kept at bay.

"Carlson’s restrained, swirling guitar minimalism and Knight’s clipped consonants and poised delivery has us rapt throughout."
"…his drcarlsonalbion project is turning out to be just as intriguing as his work with Earth."