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Dunstan - Dunstan (feat. Logan Richardson)
10" Vinyl
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Dunstan (feat. Logan Richardson)

We Jazz

Released: 25th November 2016 | 3 track post bop ep

Appearing here for the first time on record, Dunstan is a trio by Finnish drummer-producer Teppo Mäkynen, bassist Antti Lötjönen and the Blue Note recording American based in Paris, alto saxophonist Logan Richardson. The trio initially formed to perform at Helsinki's We Jazz Festival in 2014 and since then, they have performed occasionally and recorded original material by Mäkynen, to be revealed now. The Dunstan sound is deep, spiritual, and groovy, with Richardson's natural cry on the sax laying darkly toned splashes of colour over the seamless groundwork of Mäkynen & Lötjönen, who have been collaborating closely in units such as The Five Corners Quintet, Timo Lassy Band, and Teddy's West Coasters. Based on this solid rhythm section, this new unit sounds like the trio would have been playing together for a long time and their shared musical thought is clear. This is contemporary spiritual jazz of the highest grade.

Beginning with the solid deep jazz of the 9-minute A-sider Super Slavic, the trio shows it means business. This is the real deal, when it comes to making truly spiritual music in the present tense. Side B follows suit, with the band delivering on all cylinders on both their namesake tune, Dunstan, and the closing number After a While. The artwork of the Grotto X We Jazz series is created by the Stockholm based graphic designer Johanna Lundberg.

"The Dunstan tunes on the EP share a genuine spiritual deepness, which is rare in jazz music nowadays."
Jazz Thing