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Bowman Trio - Bowman Trio
Vinyl LP
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Vinyl LP
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Bowman Trio

Bowman Trio

We Jazz

Released: 17th March 2017 | 7 track post bop album

Bowman Trio is a young Finnish jazz act with an original sound and loads of potential. The band was awarded as the We Jazz Rising Star at Helsinki's We Jazz Festival in 2015 and their debut LP documents their performance at the event. Captured in a small cafe, Bowman Trio manages to sound dynamic and intimate on their debut album. There is a certain kind of loft jazz vibe going on, with the room playing a part in the recording. The original compositions by drummer Sami Nummela echo the adventures of the band's namesake, an adventurer called J. Bowman, while he takes on the daunting task of climbing the Everest. Tomi Nikku on trumpet and Joonas Tuuri on bass come together with Nummela in a beautiful way, proving just why these three rank among the most lauded players of the new generation in Finnish jazz. From the introspective fire of the opening track Bowman Cigarettes to the raw swing of the closing title How to Win a Gun Fight, Bowman Trio show that they are here to tell a story. The music breathes and lives from the interaction of the trio, which is a true joy to witness. Already on their first album, Bowman Trio succeed in what so many have tried to do: They inspire the listener with the depth of their music, while at the same time delivering highly melodic, hummable tunes that remain with you long after the disc has stopped spinning on your turntable.

"I can only image how an unsuspecting crate digger will be thrilled by this remarkable discovery."
Pasi Virtanen, Jazzpossu Blog, FInland
"A solid loft jazz vibe and great young players."
Andreas Müller, Deutschlandradio Kultur
"A wonderful album!"
Tobias Rapp, Der Spiegel, Germany
"There's something pretty damn fascinating about this album."
Johannes Wiehn, Kouvolan Sanomat, Finland
"There is a kind of undefinable sincerity here, which makes the record impossible to resist."
Matti Komulainen, Turun Sanomat, Finland
"Great debut album by young Finnish trio."
Record Mania, Sweden
"Dynamic energy that really blows us away."
Dusty Groove, Chicago