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Otis Sandsjö - Y-OTIS
Vinyl LP

Otis Sandsjö


We Jazz

Released: 8th June 2018 | 8 track crossover jazz album

Helsinki's We Jazz Records presents Y-OTIS, the debut LP from Berlin-based Swedish saxophonist/composer Otis Sandsjö, joining forces with keyboardist Elias Stemeseder, bassist Petter Eldh and drummer Tilo Weber. The album is a forward-reaching, multilayered collection of eight originals penned by Sandsjö and produced by Sandsjö and Eldh. What you get is a form of liquid jazz, born in an era where the understanding of jazz as a musical language has evolved way beyond the concept of the previous modern. Informed by hiphop and electronic music, Y-OTIS is pure jazz in that the quartet stays true to its constant mission of creating a new form of musical communication. Sandjö's circular sax riffs, the album's rich production touch, and the chopped-up jazz form creates a musical concept which stays melodic and beat-laden while being free right to the edge of avantgarde. It's as if the music is sampling itself, constantly keeping ahead of the curve in the musical lineage of jazz.

Otis Sandsjö (b. 1987) hails from Gothenburg, Sweden. He is known previously for example for his inspired work on singer Lucia Cadotsch's globe-trotting trio formation Speak Low, also featuring Y-OTIS co-producer and bassist Petter Eldh. Elias Stemeseder was dubbed one of the top 15 young European musicians to watch by All About Jazz in 2017. Tilo Weber ranks among the most creative young drummers in the scene. Stemeseder is currently based in New York, while the remaining three musicians here live in Berlin. Live on stage, the band performing the material on the new release is called Y-OTIS.

"A very inspiring debut album."
Jan Paersch, Jazz Thing
"Nice jazzy groove here."
Alex Ruder, KEXP
"This is so fucking great!"
Mathieu Schreyer, KCRW
"Creative, engrossing and beautifully produced."
John Osborne, Jazz FM
"This is how contemporary jazz should sound like! Best of both worlds."
Oliver Korthals, Mojo Club Hamburg