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Deniz Kurtel & The Marcy Allstars - The Way We Live Singles
12" Vinyl
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Deniz Kurtel & The Marcy Allstars

The Way We Live Singles


Released: 1st July 2016 | 3 track house ep

ffortlessly weaving entirely new sub-genres, while daring to convey their fragility, Deniz is once again inventing a fresh sound palette, combining the music with visual art and creating a deeper live experience for the tour entitled 'Double Exposure' that will accompany her new LED installation, 'The Introspectacular'. Mastering a new dexterity across the whole album, Deniz conquers stillness and rich rhythms, once again turning house on its head with an unhurried approach more in line with a hip hop pacing that enriches the sound of tomorrow, bringing attitude back to electronic music. Going beyond the realms of the expected, the striking artistic passion emanating from this petite girl from Turkey beats through every track.

With a collaborative approach typical to the Wolf + Lamb label, the artists featured are part of the tight-knit yet loosely woven family collective now termed the Marcy All Stars. Much akin to the Wild Bunch (the early Massive Attack) or Soul II Soul, their visions are explored and shaped through a fluid, dynamic and supportive experience. On the EP's selected tracks, Deniz, along with hotly tipped producers Tanner Ross, San Francisco's Pillow Talk and the young Brown university graduates Voices of Black, deliver an array of moods and sounds - from sensually sublime album opener 'I Knew This Would Happen' in a special extended version to the jazz infused 'The Beat Drops', full of deep atmosphere and heavy bass groove and animated 80s funk of 'Thunder Clap'.

A 3D sculptor born to parents that were also heavily involved with art, Deniz Kurtel moved from her home in Izmir Turkey to study in New York. There she met the Wolf + Lamb duo, quickly moving into the infamous Marcy Hotel and immersing herself into the colourful creative worlds of music and art. Her light installations have been featured at destinations as diverse as Lily Allen's Lucy in Disguise vintage clothing store in London, cult art festivals in her homeland of Turkey and have taken her on many pilgrimages to the vast deserts of Nevada for Burning Man. Debut artist album 'Music Watching Over Me' (Crosstown Rebels) propelled Deniz to queen of house status in 2011 and with these latest works, her ambition to constantly grow and evolve, and make music that excites her, hoping it excites others too is realised in high definition.