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Navid Izadi - Messin
12" Vinyl

Navid Izadi



Released: 18th December 2015 | 5 track house ep

With a sound that calls back to 90s latin house and freestyle energies, Messin is a nostalgic club track

that tells the story of a girl who wants to have her cake and eat it, too, and a man who ain't having any

more of it. Lush synth pads wrap around a nasty bassline to take things immediately into party town. The

deal is sealed with big vocals from Izadi himself and Body Language's Angelica Bess, topped off with some

live percussion and housey piano keys. The Shade's Up Dub digs even deeper for a drugged out sunrise

scorcher that wouldn't be out of place on the record store shelves of yesteryear.

Hard 2 Say takes a different route, mixing analog synth drums and yearning vocoder verses with

Elfman-esque choir chords and G-funk synth leads to create a mysterious sound that's equal parts romantic

and tough. Messin get's a remix from the dynamite disco troupe, Midnight Magic, that sounds a bit like

Larry Heard if he were speeding down the Pacific Coast Highway in a white convertible. Hard 2 Say gets

a remix from Funkadelic friends, FSQ, lacing it up with live drums, bass and guitar to take the track into

deep intergalactic funk territory.