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Life on Planets - Curious Palace
Vinyl LP
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Life on Planets

Curious Palace


Released: 18th December 2015 | 10 track laptronica album

Life on Planets are the latest signing to Brooklyn's Wolf + Lamb label, home to Soul Clap, PillowTalk, Slow Hands, No Regular Play, and the early works of Nicolas Jaar.

Their debut LP, Curious Palace, is named after the artist lofts in Baltimore where they met. The entire ten-track LP was composed bounc-ing from studio to studio, listening to jazz in one room, house in another, and taking a break to paint in the next. Drawing influences from house, disco, funk, jazz, art/indie this LP embodies the melting pot of creativity that was this loft complex in Baltimore.

Composed of Phill and Patrick Planets, Life on Planets are two musicians and visual artists who spent their college years immersing themselves in Baltimore's arts scene. Phill worked as a street performer busking his way through a top Art University, while Patrick Planets obsessively honed his craft as a DJ and producer. As their eclectic backgrounds suggest, collaboration is important. Merging their interests in dance music, jazz, and funk, they make music without concern for genre. Being constantly exposed to new art and sound in their loft, Life on Planets draws inspiration from too many places to make one kind of music.

Curious Palace is at home on the diverse Wolf + Lamb catalog. A mix of live and electronic sounds, the album's ten songs each have an organic feeling of their own. Combining lo fi sounds with slick production, the songs range from sexy and sultry (Get Naked), to soulful and psychedelic (Boomerang), to outright protest (Curious Palace), to innocent offerings of love and protection (Angelwings).

The hybrid productions conveniently lend themselves to a live act that the two describe as having a 'DIY spirit'. It's the essence of improvisation that Life on Planets are keen to emphasise, often performing impromptu versions of their own songs in different keys and tempos that have never been heard before.

Curious Palace is a proud debut LP for the Baltimore duo. Marked by intimate, personal electronic music that still boasts dance-floor energy, Life on Planets have managed to create an expressive and original piece for their first album in what will be a fruitful future.