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Tropy - Eight Pieces
CD Album


Eight Pieces

Gusstaff Records

Released: 27th May 2016 | 8 track post-rock album

TROPY is a new musical project consisting of Artur Maćkowiak and Bartek Kapsa of Something Like Elvis, Contemporary Noise Sextet, Innercity Ensemble or Potty Umbrella fame. They say their debut album, Eight Pieces, was inspired by the experimental films by Pedro Fereira. The music included on the album can be said to constitute an amalgam of their previous musical experiences. The eight tracks seamlessly fuse elements of improvisation, psychedelic synths, jazz rhythms and noise-rock guitars. Even though each of the pieces tells a separate story, evoking unique moods and emotions, they definitely belong together.


Bartek Kapsa - drums, bass guitar, electronics

Artur Maćkowiak - guitar, synth, electronics

Recorded by Artur Maćkowiak at A/V Studio in Bydgoszcz, November 2015

Mixed by Artur Maćkowiak and Bartek Kapsa, December 2015 – January 2016

Mastered by Marcin Bociński

Design by Bartek Kapsa