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Gitkin - Grand Street Feast / Canción Del Rey
7" Vinyl
Out 16th March 2018


Grand Street Feast / Canción Del Rey


Expected: 16th March 2018 | 2 track afrobeat single

New 7 from the mysterious Gitkin, who crisscrossed the US in the late 70s selling knockoff Gibson guitars to the diverse & disparate groups of immigrants from all four corners of the globe who were coming to the US during the 2nd great migration. Recycling and filtering the sounds he encountered through his own psychdelic lens, he created a sound rooted in other, but deeply his own. This single is taken from his forthcoming album, 5 Star Motel and features two tracks from the album 'Grand Street Feast' which charts a sand-dusted, melodic funk misadventure, while Cancion Del Rey' has the sound of the Peruvian chicha – steady-moving, alluring, and lyrical – winding its way through Gitkin's fuzz-filtered licks, and the rhythm underpinning.