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Nickodemus - Back In The Days (feat. BAM & The Real Live Show)
12" Vinyl
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Back In The Days (feat. BAM & The Real Live Show)


Released: 28th July 2014 | 4 track house single

A first taste of the brand new Nickodemus album coming in 2014....When Joyce Muniz introduced Nickodemus & Baby Bam (The Jungle Brothers) at a festival in Sicily, the two had more in common then they could have ever imagined! One of Nickodemus' biggest influences in music has been the Native Tongue Movement of the 90's, so they already spoke the same language. The Real Live Show & Nickodemus have collaborated on several songs including Give the Drummer Some, Sun Children, Gimme the Music, Moon People & more. They were quickly into the concept of going back to our NYC roots with this release. BAM takes us to the 80's while Stimulus & Malik Work bring us to the 90's. The song hits hard with a 123BPM Electronic Acid House meets Hip Hop groove. You know how we used to do it Back in the Days!

File under Electronic, Dance, House, Hip Hop

"Remember Hip House? Best believe Nickodemus and Afrika Baby Bam from the Jungle Brothers do. The Jungle Brothers, of course, famously gave the late 8os best of both worlds microgenre its most anthemic hit with “I’ll House You” (although house beats that needed raps and rappers who needed a club hit were both plentiful enough in the native tongues era to give the hybrid genre a deep catalog of titles). So Baby Bam knows a thing or twelve about how to ride a 4 on the floor club-tempo track. Combine that refined level of MCing with bars from The Real Live Show and Nickodemus’ deeply-rooted-in-soul production and you get “Back In The Days.”"