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Nickodemus - In My House
12" Vinyl


In My House


Released: 30th June 2017 | 4 track house ep

In My House is a bucket list song Nickodemus always dreamed of covering into an actual House version. After a weekend of old-school partying in the clubs & hanging with Baby Bam from the Jungle Brothers in Brooklyn, they called over Carol C & Lisa Shaw to lay down some vocals. Going for that straight ahead 90's hard hitting house vibe, Bam flipped his verse to show everyone how it was done back in the days. French house producer ART OF TONES aka Llorca (20:20 Vision / Local Talk) made 2 remix versions on the flip-side taking it deeper for the European dancefloors

After the US elections in November, Nickodemus decided the need to add another cover, updating Sagat's 1994 classic FUNK THAT for the B-Side. It features NYC house music party & radio host legends THE ILLUSTRIOUS BLACKS over a funky break & deep chords reminiscing the OG. Question, how can someone who is sexist racist, homophopic, Islamophobic, and an ableist become president of the United States of America? FUNK THAT!

"Dang gina!!!! This is great."
The Black Madonna
"Proper 5/5"
Inland Knights
"Fun cover action, diggin the Funk That and AOT remix"
Dave Aju
"Liking the Art of Tones remix"
Ossie, Hyperdub
"Art of tones remix is smooth, thanks"
"great thanks!!!!"
Gene Farris
Fred P
"Art Of Tones Deep Dub Mix sounds yummy"
Pablo Bolivar
"Great release with fun ideas by the one and only Nickodemus!"
Alex From Tokyo
"Art of Tones doing the bizz."
Ashley Beedle