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Tremor - Proa
CD Album
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Released: 2nd September 2013 | 11 track latin america album

After playing some of the most important festivals and venues worldwide including Roskilde Festival in Denmark, Fusion Festival in Germany, and an official showcases at SXSW and Womex, Argentina's Tremor advances the digital folk genre with their upcoming release Proa.

Tremor uses South American folklore traditions and regional instruments to bridge unexpected genres such as Argentine chacarera and glitch electronica. Digging deeper into their folkloric roots and adding a new element of vocals for the first time, Proa is Tremor evolved: the most organic and visceral release of the trio to date.

Lead by Leonardo Martinelli (composer and producer), the power trio features Camillo Carbajal (bombo leguero) and Gerardo Farez (synthesizers, melodica and bombo leguero).

"Tremor sounds like the prologue of an eco conscious new-world robot opera, a grizzled True Gritty dude recounting an incredible journey he took once. But he’s reporting from the future, where all cars sounds like beetle-spaceship."
The Fader
"Tremor felt like the future of South American beats."
Time Out Chicago
"Tremor, is producing some of the most progressive and surprising sounds in Latin America today."
"They call digital folklorico. You can go ahead and call it one of the most promising dance shows of the summer"
City Weekly
"The end result is a fascinating mix of western dance and Argentine music. A nice experiment, which Tremor traditional world music, which supposedly prides itself on authenticity, hard chase the closet."
Radio6 (NL)
Austin 360 SXSW
"Buenos Aires-based three-piece Tremor have been blurring the lines between traditional and digital musics for quite a bit now"