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Valique - Walking with Kid (feat. Maya)


Walking with Kid (feat. Maya)

Walk Of Sound

Released: 6th October 2017 | 3 track disco single

Valique - a Russian disco-funk legend with a long stream of quality releases on labels like Compost Germany, INFRACom! Germany, Freestyle Records/UK and the man behind Vehicle Records (responsible for some of the all-time/all-styles top seller on JUNODOWNLOAD) has been there for over a decade now, filling the air with his unique blend of revivalist disco sounds as well as a mixture of funk house and broken beat. 3 full albums and numerous singles and remixes, long story of professional dj'ing and an impeccable taste when it comes to the dance groove.

On Walking With Kid he takes on his favourite game - live recorded brass section, guitars, percussion from the best Russian performers blended with top disco rhythm section, hot percussion and sweetened with Maya's beautiful voice - a heartfelt song with spaced out trumpet and trombone improvisations. The radio edit stops on all main points, while the extended version lets in more of the colours and the smooth instrumental track rounds up everything into a perfect after-summer single.