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Oophoi - Wurm Series 1
CD Album
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Wurm Series 1

Glacial Movements

Released: 30th March 2009 | 1 track ambient single
Wurm is the name of the world's most recent glaciation which ended around 10000 years ago in the Pleistocene epoch. The term WÜrm comes from a river in the Alps where the glaciation was first identified. During the height of glaciation, most of Europe and Eurasia was open steppe-tundra, while the Alps presented solid ice fields and montane glaciers. Scandinavia and much of Britain were under ice. Immense white expanses...infinite silences...sunrays reflected by eternal icefields...every release of this new series will be a circular, slowly-unfolding and ethereal long-form musical piece, in which the artist will describe this endless Ice Age, its eternal ice, the blinding white light, the abyssal silence. Music will transport the listener to peaceful and unexplored lands.
"This is shatteringly beautiful, scintillatingly frozen, and stunningly magnificent ambience. "
Simon M.J., Brainwashed
"A fine and harmonic slice of ambience that sooths and lulls the world’s weight from around you.."
Roger Batty, Musique Machine