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Alien Entertainment - Full Speed feat Black Canvas
12" Vinyl
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Alien Entertainment

Full Speed feat Black Canvas

Wellness Tunes

Released: 30th March 2009 | 4 track ep
Wellness Tunes Records return with their next release from Alien Entertainment. The combination of two of the UK's most talented vocalists, Rider Shafique and Mister Melody (a/k/a Black Canvas) and Alien Entertainment's production has proven its potential before and will not fail to please again. On the original version of Full Speed you get just the right amount of mellow funk combined with plenty uptempo nu skool influences. Rider Shafique delivers his trademark conscious lyrics over an organic and lively backing of drums, basslines and synths. Ragga-Breaks with heart and style. Düsseldorf based producer Matt Flores (Compost Rec./Combination) takes the track in a new direction: dubwise 4/4 baleiric house biz. On the flip warm and dubby basslines, vintage percussions and synth riffs gradually blend with reggae style off time-chords and Black Cavas' chants on Soundclash. Finishing off is a stripped down, deep and minimal re rub by Dub Fiction, a hotly tipped production duo from Vienna. It's a high tech disco steppa skilfully crafted for the dancefloor . The manipulated vocals perfectly blend into this new school tribute to the amen break, watch the bass line on this one!