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The Whole Truth - Party Down
12" Vinyl
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The Whole Truth

Party Down

Whole Truth Records

Released: 29th June 2015 | 4 track disco ep

The Whole Truth returns with a sublime set of dubbed-out boogie.

For his third EP in the guise of The Whole Truth the nameless producer is joined by LA vocal duo Lucid Paradise, comprised of Ishtar and E. Da Boss (the latter is best known as the deep-voiced half of Stones Throw's Myron & E). On 'Party Down' they bring beautiful modern soul vocal stylings to a limber groove that could have graced West End Records in '81. The pair also duet on 'Who's Taking All The Love?', while The Whole Truth flexes his dub muscles and drops some deeply burnt chords. It's an unmistakeably all-analogue sound that harks back to a moment in musical history that never quite existed. What if Adrian Sherwood had produced Womack & Womack? Find out here. 'Keep On''s title nods to a D Train classic, and its tough drums and simple, addictive hook are worthy of the comparison. Memories of Love rounds the set off with a housier groove and more sublime synths for the connoisseur. Rumours that it was previously titled Memories of Losing Your Mind in a Dark Club Around 4am remain unproved.

This EP follows releases on The Whole Truth's self-titled label in collaboration with UK dub legend Erroll Bellot and Anglo-Mauritian producer, singer and vocalist Mo Kolours, which found favour with the likes of Optimo's JD Twitch and Mary-Anne Hobbs (BBC 6 Music) .

Art comes from Lewis Heriz once again. Known for his work for the Soundway and Sofrito labels, he is becoming one of the most distinctive and respected sleeve designers around. So remember to ask your record dealer for the truth, The Whole Truth, and nothing but the truth.