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The Whole Truth - Stalemate
7" Vinyl

The Whole Truth


Whole Truth Records

Released: 26th February 2016 | 2 track disco single

The Whole Truth is back with Stalemate, an inspired take on classic disco sounds with an addictive hook.

After exploring dub-disco hybrids in collaboration with Mo Kolours and UK reggae legend Errol Bellot, and a recent EP that drew from the early 80s New York scene, The Whole Truth's new single takes us to the beach. Stalemate hands you a peach Bellini, dresses you in white linen and transports you to a fictional Mediterranean nightspot where a crowd of absurdly beautiful people dances till dawn. It's the perfect blend of hazy nostalgia and club-rocking groove, a strangely familiar dance floor dream that could grace the most discerning club or the deepest after-hours session. B-side Checkmate is a disarmingly simple, melodic boogie track that comes on like Boards of Canada circa 1983, with charming results.