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Letherette - EP 3
12" Vinyl


EP 3


Released: 17th February 2017 | 8 track downtempo ep

Hello. We're very happy to announce the beginning of a new label. It has long been a hope of ours to someday establish a label to release our music, as well as an outlet for everything and anything we love and find inspiring. No compromises. Introducing...; 'Wulf'.

After years of sitting on un-released tracks - some familiar and many others you will never have heard before - we decided it was about time to make these available, freshly mastered.

Following on from EP1 and EP2 (originally released on Alex Nut's Ho-Tep Records), the aptly named 'EP3' is the debut record on Wulf.

Andrew Harber and Richard Roberts aka Letherette