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Roboterwerke & Supersempfft - Selected Werks Vol.1
2 x Vinyl LP
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Roboterwerke & Supersempfft

Selected Werks Vol.1


Released: 22nd October 2012 | 12 track space rock album

Great music stands the test of time, we all know that right? Only artists with supreme talent make music that can move you even years after its creation. Dieter Kolb and Franz Aumüller have certainly used their talents to leave a noticeable dent in the world of both Music and Art. They first met at kindergarten and then went on to form one of the most mysterious production teams Germany has ever produced. Together with another school buddy Franz Knüttel they created sounds so unique and ahead of their time that maybe the rest of us weren't quite ready!

In 1979 they released Supersempfft under the guise of Roboterwerke on the world famous CBS imprint. The LP is now a collector's item and is adorned with the most amazing artwork and booklet I've ever seen, but better still the music is dynamic and beautifully put together.

One of the stand out features on this ground breaking LP was of course the use of the bespoke drum machine aptly titled Roboterwerke. The machine was probably one of the first machines which allowed you to replay your own percussion sample hits, yes they did make this before Akai made theirs!

Their intention was to make the drum sampler invention available as a worldwide product. The Roboterwerke parts were quite expensive and it became near impossible to reproduce on a larger scale without the help of the big players in this market. Nevertheless they still had one and it made their sound so unique that questions were being asked. Herbie Hancock a close friend of Franz Aumüller was very excited about Robterwerke and even Kraftwerk were paying close attention to what they were doing at the time. This lead to many collaborations like the seminal Hip Hop track The Wildstyle by Timezone aka Afrika Bambaata, The label copy includes instrumentation and drums by Wunderwerke (if you look closely they're credited on the record!!). I've also heard an unreleased T-Ski Valley track from 1984 which would have been as big as catch the beat if it was only released.

The drum machine was only a little piece of the pie, the music sounded great because of many things, Dieter's parents owned a music shop where he practised everyday learning a vast array of instruments. Franz Aumüller a lyrical genius and an artist that has spent most his life creating works way ahead of their time. Franz Knüttel was the inventor, electronics innovator and all round technical genius so together they could cross any hurdle.

As Supersempfft their first LP Robeterwerke sold very well so they decided to release their second L.P via their own label Wunderwerke. In 1981 this time withoutKnüttel they released Supersempfft Metaluna once again their trademark drum machine and a host of synthesizers dazzled along with more songs about a space travelling cartoon frog which had superpowers; this is actually a caricature of Dieter Kolb made by Franz Aumüller who once again designed another sumptuous cover that added some easy going fun to the explosive music they made.

In the same year they also released Futurist with RCA another ground breaking production that contained the hypnotic High on Tech. Rard Laudy aka Loud E made a master stroke edit by rearranging the raw materials to create a version that resonated with DJ's around the world. The track reached cross section music lovers and the Wunderwerke sound has stood the test of time. We present a collection of music from all 3 LP's. We've also added many unreleased versions which make this L.P a must for fans of the legendary Wunderwerke!

"F*ck me Kotey! you gone and done it :-D truly amazing selection of music here by an equally amazing band. wonderful to know their music can now be discovered by a new audience but a tiny bit pissed they can't be kept as a nerdy secret anymore ;-)"
Trevor Jackson
"Super advanced sounds...and excellent track titles."
Nick Luscombe, Flomotion / NME Radio
"I lost, mislaid or otherwise had stolen my treasured copy of Supersempfft long ago. Stevie Kotey I salute you, 1. for pulling this great collection together and 2. for sending me straight to Discogs to purchase a new copy of Supersempfft! :)"
Leftside Wobble
"An interesting little slice of musical history… props to Stevie & co for continuing to unearth nuggets like this"
Russell Deeks, This Is Why We Dance