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Gunshot Glitter - Garden Hose / Gurning Like Fire

Gunshot Glitter

Garden Hose / Gurning Like Fire

Yo Dawg!

Released: 19th August 2013 | 2 track electro house single

Will Styles is straight up musical royalty. Not your boring old, declare this hospital wing open' kind, oh no. In fact the only time you'd find King Will in a hospital would be after he'd survived for thirty days and nights in the desert after crawling out from under the wreckage of his Paris to Dakar V8, surviving only on snake urine, the venom of angry scorpions and trapdoor spider tears he'd harvested by punching them in the neck. He regularly hosted a weekly show on Australia's uber cool Triple J radio, he's released on Bomb Strikes, he could probably park a spaceship on an asteroid, drill a hole, put Justin Beiber in it, set a nuclear explosion to save the world from complete annihilation, judo chop a bear for the lulz and be home before you or I had finished yawning, scratching our balls and deciding if we wanted krispies or flakies for breakfast.

Then he met Hayley Boa.

Vocalist Hayley was once reprimanded for innocently but incorrectly miming the actions during the 'Banana boat song' on children's TV, inadvertently fellating the banana to tens of thousands of children. Genius!

The two hooked up in 2011 and 'Gunshot Glitter' was born. Is it Electro Punk Rock? Is it Wicked-Twisted Bass music? Who knows or really cares what it's called when it's this freaky awesome and so very full of win!