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Mellow Madness - Now Your Calling

Mellow Madness

Now Your Calling

Yoruba Records

Released: 17th December 2007 | 3 track house single
Now You're Calling, Yoruba Records latest offering to the music world, introduces the sublime vocal talents of Mellow Madness and some of the most soulful production weve heard from Osunlade recently. The beautiful original brings some classic Yoruba Soul flavor. The songs subtle rhythms and its warm electric piano chord progressions give way to Mellow Madness bittersweet, almost melancholic voice. Enough has been said about the man Afefe Iku, and theres nothing really more we can add. . No techy stabs; No in your face percussion; and definitely not the dance floor thunder that Iku has accustomed his listeners to. Here Iku brings us a darker, moodier rendition, choosing more ambiental colorings and subtle, sadder synth lines. Definitely not what we were expecting, but brilliant in its execution.