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Nomumbah - Ela: The Remixes
10" Vinyl
Released: TBC


Ela: The Remixes

Yoruba Records

Released: 14th July 2008 | 4 track deep house ep
Coming off its critically acclaimed album, Nomumbah and Yoruba Records present the first single for the Brazilian group in Ela. With all new remixes from within the Yoruba family, Ela continues to raise the bar yet again for Yoruba Records Yoruba boss and super producer, Osunlade, starts off the proceedings of this magnificent single with his Yoruba Soul Dub. Osunlade, coming off his extremely well received album Elements Beyond, continues to show why is the one of the genre's most important producers. With its deep synth bass, tech-tinged ambience and textures, this chord infused rendition is the perfect way to start things for the peak time dance floor. In the same vein and spirit as O De Ko Do, Boddhi Satva's Ancestral Journey Remix brings in some massive march-like African rhythms, revolutionary big strings, and creative vocal tweakings to make for one of the most interesting versions of Ela. Boddhi's no-nonsense approach will rock the most militant of dancefloors. Boddhi continues to ride high with another banger for Yoruba Records. We weren't lying to you when we told you to watch out for this guy. Yoruba mystery man and wonder kid, Afefe Iku continues the proceedings with Mpaka Remix. With his trademark tech-meets-dark soul style, Afefe delivers another banger. Techy stabs, deep, simple rhythms are the ingredients Afefe brings for his rendition. Though more subtle than his more monstrous outings, Iku provides some serious nastiness for the dance floor. Iku continues to astonish with his different productions, yet he continues to keep a very coherent sonic vision for everything he has released so far. We end things of with the Son of Sound himself, Mr. Dynamite… Djinji Brown. Keeping it in the vibe of Brazil, he starts and ends with vocal snippets of Brazil radio football commentary, and of course with his Sirround sound, Djinji wets the appetite for what will be coming up for him on Yoruba Records. Keeping the carnival vibe alive with whistles, some playful percussion stabs, syncopated rhythms, some very nice chord fusions, and another ridiculous sounding synth bass stabs, Brown has was once again outdone himself.