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Osunlade - The Dating Game
7" Vinyl
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The Dating Game

Yoruba Records

Released: 5th November 2007 | 2 track house single
As we prepare the finishing touches to deliver our next artist album, Yoruba Records presents a very exclusive, limited edition single from the head of the label himself, Osunlade. Coming off the success of his critically acclaimed 'Elements Beyond' LP on Strictly Rhythm, and continuing to deliver some of house music's freshest remixes, including Soul Central's 'Time After Time', the Son of Ochun brings another of his varied vibes to this new single. 'The Dating Game' is a soulful, laid back number. This song has a highly metropolitan sound, modern in conception, and soothing for the mind. The smooth percussion here infuses itself softly with its modern synth textures and provides the perfect backing to Osunlade's Prince-inspired vocals. Here, Osunlade speaks about the feeling of finding someone and the trickiness of commitment. On the B-side, Osunlade goes on a completely different vibe with 'The Promise'. With bangin' break beats, eclectic and very electric synth lines, this is definitely one of his more eccentric works. Strictly for head trippin'. This is Yoruba soul at its very mental.