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Unusual & Electric - Disco For Love
12" Vinyl
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Unusual & Electric

Disco For Love


Released: 15th December 2008 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep
'Disco For Love' is a wonderfully bizarre but catchy as hell three-tracker that mixes the uniquely electro with the strangely 'world' to come up with a sound that's as danceable as it wild! Unusual & Electric really have come up with something to match their name here; foot-tappin' industrial beats and amazingly original 'instrumental' interplay give this EP its uniqueness and playful individuality. Featuring 'DMT 505', 'Initiator' and 'Sonar Daddy', 'Disco For Love' isn't one of those brazen and spiky electronic outings that seem to 'fly by the seat of their pants' with great sonic crescendos and huge over-zealous melodies - 'Disco For Love' is much more subtle and earthy than that; yes exactly, it's 'unusual and electric'!! I absolutely love the opener, 'DMT 505', where traditional meets modern and east meets west in a hearty, beaty little work that's as intoxicating as it is exotic. Beats meet chants in a sort of futuristic 'calling to prayer' that's really delicious and ludicrasly innovative! The 'unusual' continues into 'Initiator' with its ska undercurrent and tinny 'samples'. Not letting the side down the EP concludes with the infectious 'Sonar Daddy' - annoyingly catchy with echoing beats and simplistic backdrop it borders on hypnotic! Unusual & Electric have certainly lived up to their name with 'Disco For Love'; of course it's danceable, of course it's different, of course it's a winner. With all tracks being equally diverse but also equally exciting, 'Disco For Love' by Unusual & Electric is an excellent EP for those that love to dance with a smile on their faces.