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Rude Audio - That Dirty Echo
CD Album
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Rude Audio

That Dirty Echo


Released: 14th November 2011 | 13 track leftfield/idm album
Rude Audio are a South London based collective of vocalists, musicians, producers and engineers. Their debut album 'That Dirty Echo' sees the group exploring new sounds that transcend electronic and dance genres.

Over the past three years, members of Rude Audio have been releasing music under the moniker Unusual & Electric, garnering attention and praise from prominent DJs in British music and overseas. Championed by the likes of BBC radio DJs Nemone, Rob Da Bank and Gideon Coe, Rude Audio have seen their past musical endeavours played nationwide on stations such as Radio 1 and supported by DJs such as Laurent Garnier. They've also received praise from the likes of DJ, Drowned in Sound and Clash who went on to emphasise that one of their songs ...foams over with more ideas than most albums.

A mixture of individuals from both Newcastle and London, Rude Audio describe themselves as being rooted in the back streets of London, which is apparent in their unique fusion and approach to music. The album frequently touches on a Balearic tip with bright, 90's nostalgia while being anchored by the clean, bass-heavy elements of Dubstep and Techno. The group's mantra of 'rude' music is apparent in their unorthodox musical transitions and live instrumentation, yet the album remains loyal to its cause through hazy melodies and trippy adlibs.

Rude Audio's broad musical inspiration stems from its members' presence within the underground scene. Through regular work as engineers for other electronic acts and organising parties and raves, Rude Audio have materialised over the years to become an elusive presence within Electronic music. Progressing from such experiences, the collective now aim to re-introduce themselves having enlisted a collection of new and old school digital and analogue electronic equipment for a more sophisticated take on their unique sound. 'That Dirty Echo' may be the refined package of the Rude Audio sound, however the album's bold showcase of various underground styles maintains it does not lose its originality.
"I only needed to listen to 2 songs to know that I loved this. Exciting album!"
Iron Horse
"Track of the week - just got to love the marriage of hefty bass and dancing brass on this tune (Lufbra Vigil)... just class"
Panda vs iPod
"Excellent, excellent, excellent! Will be in Funk Sanctum radio as soon as I download. Thank you!"
dj Goddessa, Funk Sanctum Radio
" Rude Audio is as impressive as it is authentic... some of these tracks could see the group going a very long way"
James Uden, Planet Notion
"There are some great standalone tracks, not least of which is the dubbed out techno of Hippy House"
RS, The Crack Magazine
"The album is sounding great... old school flavours mixed up with big dubby basslines, intriguing vocals and lovely atmospheres"
Gustav Savy, Igloo Magazine
"“Track of the week – just got to love the marriage of hefty bass and dancing brass on this tune (Lufbra Vigil)... just class"
Panda vs iPod
"Wonderful angelic vocals are interspersed in a fabulous world of the sublime. Rude Audio can join the elite - The Orb, Underworld..."
Andy, Mojophenia
"Sounding like Massive Attack had they grown up in Kingston, Jamaica instead of Bristol... beautifully serene... weirdly danceable... haunting"
Kick Out The Jam
"Celebrating a melting pot of diverse musical and cultural ideas from the Caribbean, the Balearics and the Far East "
Steve Morris, Shout 4 Music
"What an absolutely delicious selection of funked up, laid back grooves. An absolute delight!"
Graeme Park
"Yeah this is sounding excellent - thank you for sending. Will make my way through these and feature any on Insight I'm feeling"
Alex , DFRNT / Echodub / Insight
"Rude Audio is anchored in dub, updating that old Jamaician sound with a modern sheen. Dance-music-for-rock-fans to early 90s pumpin' house... "
John Donnelly , Music At The Digital Fix
"Really like the diverse sounds and styles of this disc. Looking forward to repeated listens"
Geoff Melton , The Music Korner
"moody but enchanting... bright and inventive... dreamy and effective..."
"Good vibes... Nice album indeed. I will airplay some tracks."
Sergio Gomes, BREAKS lda.
"Usually I get borrowed by Dubstep album after more or less 20 minutes. This one´s much more interesting. Sounds dope"
Quincy Jointz - Timewarp
"Nice work all around....and very much brought up to this century in sound. "
Herbie James - ramrod For
"FULL support! Fin On A Hill is my favorite, but I love all. Hard to choose. Solid work all around!"
LRCN - Digitally Imported
"Full of imaginative manipulation of electronic and dance music... they are full of ideas"
Peterborough Evening Tele
"A sound that features a fascinating shifting of genres... A sinister and haunting dance record... I find that I keep coming back to it"
Panda vs iPod
"The music is electronic/dance, but that’s simplifying things a little… they have very distinct sounds... you’ve got to respect what they’re doing"
Simon Middleyard, Vanguard
"That Dirty Echo is a couple of tracklist edits away from being a great dubtronica LP... a reputable, heavyweight soundsystem formation"
Matt Oliver, Bigshot Magazine
"Truly modern music... a structurally intricate album and not just a recorded collection of tracks... moved by all engulfing waves of electronica"
Alt Sounds
"I love 'Now It's Light', 'Streatham Rising' and 'Now It's Dark'..."
Greg Fenton
"Some really cool music. I'll find a spot for it on our show."
Crystal Method/Scott Kirk
"Shades of Massive Attack. REALLY digging this. Full support."
Rudy Kizer/Hit The Decks
"This album is a sheer delight to listen to... original and refined... funky and chunky... crystalline and classy... a brilliant first album"
Juliet Robertson, ComfortComes