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Rude Audio - Ruder

Rude Audio



Released: 28th April 2014 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep

Rude Audio are proud to announce the release of their new EP, 'Ruder' on 28th April.

Their newest release sees the group hone their trademark sound, fusing elements of dub, drum and bass and reggae to sensational effect.

Lead single and EP opener, 'Knockemdead', features vocals from rising star, Eucalypta LV. The young singer first met the band whilst their producer Mark was playing his regular DJing spot in a Hoxton bar, where she confidently showcased her singing talents over drum and bass hit 'Fin On A Hill'. She immediately won the group over with her soulful tone and they invited her to collaborate.

While 'Knockemdead' demonstrates Rude Audio's ability to create infectious dance numbers, the group also display their deft hand at weaving hypnotic down-tempo tracks with 'Crystal Palace' and 'Chalmette Honey'.

While the two middle tracks induce an almost trance like state, 'LV On A Hill' completes the EP with an uplifting beat and robust bassline, featuring more breathtaking vocals from Eucalypta LV. The vocal melody that the young singer improvised on the first night she met Rude Audio has formed the basis for the whole tune.

Rude Audio's expansive musical repertoire stems from their large presence on the underground scene and it's these experiences that have contributed to their endlessly eclectic sound. They describe themselves as being rooted in the back streets of London, which is apparent in their unique fusion and approach to music.

This newest piece of work certainly shows that Rude Audio are able to push the creative boundaries with an EP that both nods to the combined musical influences of the group and looks ahead with its cutting-edge production and rhythms.

"Our favourite South London collective… the Ruder EP sees them returning to fine form, still dedicatedly committed to treading the line between dubby bounce and housey thrust… 'Crystal Palace' sees Rude Audio delightfully indulging their dub sensibilities, with a tinkling piano line lifting the mix from the swampy throb of bassline, while 'Chamlette Honey' is a much darker, steppa-infused effort that unexpectedly bursts into something spry and nimble about half way through… It might only be four tracks, but it’s truly great to see Rude Audio ready to return to the fray"
Adam Tait, Shout4Music
"Check out the video for Knockemdead, Rude Audio's groovy single featuring the vocals of Eucalypta LV! Rude Audio are a London-based experimental electronic project and will release a new EP Ruder on April 28th. This song features on this EP that I had the chance to listen to and it is great. They fuse elements of dub, drum 'n' bass and reggae and the result is amazing music. I especially love the dub, balearic and hypnotic feel of tracks like Crystal Palace"
Caesar, Live n Loud
"Absolutely loving this, that’s brand new and extremely good for you"
Don Letts, BBC Radio 6
"Will give some airplay on my fm radio show and use for an upcoming laidback, lounge/chillout set cool vibes and superb music, even though this is not the main genre I play it is very much the kind of thing I like listening to at home!"
Rob Pearson, Evasive Records and Sine FM
"Their eclectic sound and transcendent tonality are hypnotic to say the least, blending an age-old tradition with a modern sensibility that is extremely refreshing"
Sound Colour Vibration, Sound Colour Vibration
"Really nice album… deffo will be playing some of these on air"
Discoscience, Samurai FM
"Always love that Rude Audio, although their manners could use some work, once again they prove that they are not going to play by the rules. They could use a good spanking"
Mike Farina, Dope Den
"Really feeling this release, quality underground sounds, some great hooks and beats... MORE PLEASE!"
Rise Ashen, Balanced Records
"Some next level hybrid shit going on here"
David Bassin, FreeFall, KUSF (USA)
"Excellent… the vocalist.... kills. And... if I didn't know better... she sounds a lot like Lauren Hill... so mad respect. Can't wait to hear MORE. LOVE"
Herbie James, Ramrod (USA)