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Rude Audio - Rudest

Rude Audio



Released: 3rd June 2016 | 4 track nu-disco ep

Rude Audio is a south London collective with a widely praised LP and 2 EPs to their name

The Rudest EP is already getting play and support on NTS (Andrew Weatherall), BBC Radio 6 (Don Letts), Meridian Radio (Dave Roberts), (the Brit Parade), Wolfman Radio (Lee Madge), Hiapop (where we have been acclaimed tune of the week), Radio Kaos Caribou (Paul Scott Bates), Byte FM (Alice Peters-Burns), Bombshell Radio (Tom McNeil), Likwid FM (Geoff Leonard), Kane FM (Colin Spencer), Radio Cruzeiro (Nuno Ferreira), M3 Brooklyn (charted in top 5 dance chart), KRCB Los Angeles (charted in top 5 dance chart)

Andrew Weatherall played User on the April addition of Music's Not For Everyone - and called it amazing

Support from DMC Update (number 1 in the Zzub charts), The Sinchi Collective, Overblown Magazine, Jammerzine and Warren at Night Noise

Includes a dub remix of Knockemdead - Knockemdub - which was played on Radio 6 by Don Letts and Nemone, among others

Influenced in equal parts by dub and the new Balaeric ethos as manifest in places like ALFOS

"It is indeed amazing - that is Rude Audio and a track called User"
Andrew Weatherall, NTS Music Is Not For Everyone
"Rude Audio delivers a strong statement; the cosmic chaos has an order established. Bold sounds conforming the chain at the verge of madness placing drums and voices in front of us. Energy takes the lead, undisputed, preventing us from slipping out, in a piece that from the very start absorbs us to follow the beat"
Sinchi Collective, NA
"It's a wicked EP"
Warren Mann, Night Noise
"Brilliant, number 1 in the DMC Zzub Chart 28.04.16"
DMC Update, na
"Rude Audio might not be a household name in the electronic music world, but it may just become one if they continue making music of the caliber found on their ‘Rudest’ EP. It’s not surprising that they have already gained the support of some notable players in the music industry, ranging from legendary icon Andrew Weatherall to mainstays on BBC 1, 3 and 6"
Jamie Coughlan, Overblown
"Electronic in simplicity and eclectic by execution, Rude Audio have delivered a sonic dreamscape of longing and yearning for the days of good House/Electronica, because that what this is. With memorable beats, thrillpacked rhythms, and a keen ear to bass and melody, Rude Audio actually make being rude pleasing to the ears. Bravo!"
Ryan Martin, Jammerzine
"Featured track 'Crystal Pylon' is one of four superb tracks on the exceptional 'Rudest' EP. Dubby in nature the music pulses with stunning drum beats and imaginative electronics. The vocals come and go, whilst the music just hammers away, sometimes a little more softly, sometimes demanding you leap out of your seat, wonderful."
Beehive Candy, na