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The Cinematic Orchestra - Breathe
12" Vinyl
Released: TBC

The Cinematic Orchestra



Released: 9th April 2007 | 2 track single
The first full single from the Cinematic Orchestra's forthcoming album, Ma Fleur, is the scintillating Breathe, a devastatingly beautiful piece of music, a contemporary requiem or spiritual featuring Fontella Bass. The overall structure of Ma Fleur required that Jason Swinscoe worked with a range of vocalists who would, in some way, reflect the differing stages of life we each go through. When he was thinking of an older singer, it was obvious who he would turn to. Fontella Bass was the singer behind the huge 60s hit (and Vietnam soldier's anthem) Rescue Me. She married Lester Bowie and worked extensively with his legendary Art Ensemble of Chicago. She also collaborated with Swinscoe on his last full album, Everyday, contributing the vocal to All That You Give - a memorial to her dead husband. Also featured on the single is exclusive track, Colours. Built up from lines played by saxophonist Tom Chant and Stuart MacCallum's acoustic picking, it manages to encapsulate the mixture of melancholy and uplift, which in some ways characterises Swinscoe's work as and with the Cinematic Orchestra.