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Coldcut - More Beats And Pieces
CD Single
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More Beats And Pieces


Released: 1st January 1999 | 3 track single
IT'S 1987 AGAIN, TEN YEARS ON WHAT TIME IS IT: TIME FOR THE NEXT STEP. FUCK THE DJ LET'S PLAY WITH THE TOYS THE DADDIES OF SONIC SEX PRESSED UP 30 CUSTOM MADE PLATTERS OF SOUPED UP BEATS & PIECES AND DISTRIBUTED THEM AMONGST THEM MOST DELIQUENT SOUND TERRORISTS, TO WREAK HAVOC INTERPRETATION IN THEIR OWN STYLES. THE BEATS & PIECES SERIES CONTINUES TO EXPLORE THE TURF THAT LIES BETWEEN TURNTABLE KNIGHTS OF THE ANALOGUE AGE AND THE TICKTOCKNOLOGY OF DIGITAL MANIPULATION. More Beats & Pieces is a thread commenting on the current states of DJ and remixing techniques. Coldcut reasoning that the best interface for a DJ could still be direct vinyl manipulation, the starting point for all mixes was a custom Coldcut 12' of which 30 copies only were produced. The 12' contained a broad selection of beat matched loops and samples (like having a custom breakbeat LP), including drum loops evolved from the Led Zeppelin brake used by Coldcut 10 years ago on their original 'Beats and Pieces'. The mixes contrast different takes on analog (classic vinyl/scratching/x-fade mixing/linear editing) vs digital (multitrack harddisk recording/on screen non linear editing /sequencing/fx). The range is : Daddy Rips It Up mix by Coldcut The original dancefloor daddies rip it up in their own hooligan style ! Composed straight from dex/mixer to multitrack digital editor. Digital Editing used extensively for creating a very dense jigsaw effect, but no sequencing. Tortoise mix John MacIntyre from Tortoise, the avant-garde slo-mo freaky Chicago ruff traders, uses studio sequencing in a post-scronk deconstruction using some elements from the 12'. Kid Koala mix The inhumanly dextrous boy from ScratchHappyLand and new Ninja turntable technician. Like Q-Bert, Koala compiled his sickeningly skillful real time vinyl manipulations on a hard-disk recorder. T Power mix The Industrial bass & drum 'av'nt gardeners on a dark & funkyroll. Deliver a dance-floor dominating digital demonstration to darken the door of depressingly dull droning drum'n' bass dodos. I Miss You Blobula mix by Q-bert Q-Bert - one of the Invisible Skratch Picklz, unmatchable west-coast deknological master and DMC champion - awesome leftfoot analog deck work compiled on hard disk. Strictly's Beats+Pizzas (Strictly Kid Teeba turntable jam) Recorded live with Strictly Kev (from DJ Food), Kid Koala and Ollie Teeba (from The Herbaliser) all in the mix on up to 6 dex on the Ninja Tune tour USA/Canada March 1997. Used digital editor to compile the best bits and massage into a coherent live sounding piece.'