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Funki Porcini - Rockit Soul
12" Vinyl
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CD Single
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Funki Porcini

Rockit Soul


Released: 1st January 1999 | 3 track single
Funki Porcini is the man who puts hairs on the back of Monica Lewsinsky'd neck. Funki Porcini is the man who advised Mr Clinton not to inhale. (Nice one.) Funki Porcini is the man who propels your soul to a pregnant moon on the back of his multi-coloured million dollar Rockit, confiding untold treasures about his involvement with Country Joe and The Fish in a breathtaking high-speed tale across the Arizona desert. Country Joe played the guitar and The Fish was a red snapper and took loads of drugs, which probably explains the homicidal nature of this tune. The Mellifluous Maker of Mushroom Magic provides Endless Teenage Hard-Ons. Teenage Hardon is a 21st century girl from Ipanema bizznizz, a modern anthem for a sixteen year old girl wearing a pretty white dress sitting on a balcony on a summer's day. Endless is a prime slice of Porcini. Sweet jazz con dubbed-out breaks and fluid horns. Mushrooms at sunrise. Happy journeys...'