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DJ Vadim - Your Revolution
12" Vinyl
Released: TBC
CD Single
Released: TBC

DJ Vadim

Your Revolution


Released: 2nd October 2000 | 9 track album
Ninja Tune continues to break the mould with this collection of killer cuts, courtesy of Dj Vadim, hiphop fanatic, label owner, record collector, jam promoter and masta produca Straight outta Surbiton. With the help of an outernational crew of devious diplomats, the supreme Soviet export deftly accelerates the thaw in the cold war, flying the flava flag from high commissions of hiphop worldwide. The sinister Russian minister lays ambassador beats like red carpet for New Yorican poet Sarah Jones to grace the jam with a remarkable repartie to the male chauvinism ingrained in the hiphop biznizz. 'Your Revolution' is a masterful play on Gil Scott Heron's classic 'the Revolution Will Not Be Televised'. Like Scott-Heron, with whom she has worked, Jones goes beyond political correctness to deliver a brilliantly executed message filled with insight, humour and the confidence of a generation of females that won't be fucked around; reduces Shabbas to de-male eunuchs, and turns Germaine Greers into Britney Spears. Sarah Jones would be declared a poetess Laureate, if they gave such prizes to blackstreet girls. Perhaps this is why hip-hop exists; the Spice Girls were faking it. 'The real revolution happens here...' Jones' incisive social commentary is tempered by the humour she injects with panache into her devastating lyrical bombs. 'Your Revolution' is both a homage to the history of rap, and a riposte to the side of hiphop that continues to endorse misogeny and sexism. Thigh shaking mixes delivered from Dj Nappa (producer and Dj from Phi Life Cypher, a new outfit from Luton soon to be featured on Vadim's label Jazz Fudge) and Killer Kela, UK Rock Steady Crew beatboxer, formerly of the Scratch Perverts. 'The Higher Standard' is the second cut on this release. starring rappers Mr. Lif(Co Flow), Esoteric and Virtuoso, from Boston's Rebel Alliance Crew. Featured is the original flex, and a remix from the notorious Mark B. Listeners are spoilt with a bonus track, 'the Piano song pt.2', that reeks of Vadim's peerless production skills. Dj Vadim is to hip-hop what Anna Kournikova is to tennis. A Russian revolution in a perfectly formed shape. Yet you can be assured that the revolution will not happen between these thighs'