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Super Numeri

Electric Horse Garden


Released: 14th October 2002 | track single
I have been asked to provide some information about my tenants who call themselves 'Super Numeri'. They have lived at Adlington house for the past two years and, because I spend a great deal of time at the property, I have had to endure their activities at any given time of the day and night. I know very little about modern music, but from what I can gather 'Super Numeri' consists of an ever-changing line-up which includes the classic rock and roll instrumentation, but also involves brass, woodwind, harp and a very fine string ensemble (my wife and I particularly enjoy this element). What has been less appealing, at least from a landlord's point of view, is the way in which the group has developed into a small community that display little respect for other tenants in the building. On one particular occasion I caught more than thirty peculiarly dressed people in my garden participating in what can only be described as an orgy of live music and dance whilst burning one of my Victorian wardrobes on a pyre they had fashioned from cement slabs. Understandably at the time I was senseless with rage but I have come to admire their sheer audacity. Over the years we have become quite close and I have seen the group play at what they claim is Liverpool's only avant-garde indoor fete 'Den Du Frott'. I have no idea what this means but I had a very nice time watching them perform their experimental music and am now really glad to hear that they are to release their first single 'The Electric Horse Garden ' through your company. Although classical music is my first love, there is a delicate beauty in 'Super Numeri's' sound that I have grown to love and hope that others will too.'