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Up Bustle And Out - One Colour Reflects Another
CD Album
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Up Bustle And Out

One Colour Reflects Another


Released: 1st January 1999 | 13 track album
How do you make the dish called 'One Colour Just Reflects Another '' 1) Take a bunch of hombres called Up, Bustle & Out, commonly found alongside paths in the Bristol area. 2) Travel extensively around the world, immersing yo'self in the varied and rich cultures of Africa, South America and Europe, and sampling the result. 3) Travel back into time and learn the meaning of the word 'Fonky', an ancient expression used extensively before the techno takeover of the planet. 4) Come back home, git into the studio and bring out the melting pot. Put heat on high, and add in specific amounts.... - an ounce of Fonky-ness, translated into eighteen different languages - oodles of nineties scruffneck producktion - a measure of samples, sounds and atmospheres from past globe-trotting adventures - two teaspoonsful of the special ingredient.... live instruments. (Oh no! the tek-no-boids scream, it's just not natural!!) 6) Stir and blend for years and years, cultivating a sound that is uniquely your own, and yet also belongs to the bandits of Bolivia, the plains of Africa, the mountains of Turkey... And lo and behold! A main course that tastes so different from today's fast food take-out moozikal selection! Welcome to the second Long Player from the much rated Up, Bustle & Out, a soup of many funky tongues lovingly stirred by the quill of Senor Roody, whose words and poetry are also featured in a book that will accompany vinyl copies of the album. Up, Bustle & Out are a band intelligent enough to move beyond these shores - digging deep into the ground and finding a common root in dance music all over the world. U, B & O do more than sample their ethnic sources, but create soundscapes that pay homage to their irrelevant environments - check the sounds to get the picture. Ninja Tune - Goddamn funky for the Whirldwide junkie. Seeeeeya....'