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DJ Vadim - Ussr Repertoire
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DJ Vadim

Ussr Repertoire


Released: 1st January 1999 | 25 track album
In da beginning, Hip-hop was a DJ. Exploring sound.SUCKAS NEVER PLAY ME being experimental FED UP OF B-BOYS FAKING IT taking a positive direction SOLD THE FUCK OUT TO R & B never compromising. Hold your breath - the real shit returns. DJ VADIM. Lord forgive him, for he has sinned. Russian wolfangel, B-boy, thief; a spy, saboteur, criminal of Amourfou, unemployed, unemployable, sensually deranged, pirate of all signs and meanings.... USSR Repetoire delves below the surface trash of the head-nodding genre to create an all encompassing art-form, challenging perception on many levels. Concept direction exploration depth meaning FUNk; welcome to Planet VADIM. Guest starring; Westwood, Spooky, Tooth, Public Enemy, Pierre Henri, Roxante Shante, Black Sabbath, sellotape, Marley Marl, Cal Tjaader, Eric B & Rakim, a garden rake, the Beatnuts, the Pope (live in Ireland), Al Green, Russell Simmons, LL Cool J, Rupert Holmes, Ultramagnetics, Chuck Jackson, KRS One, 21st Siecle and many, many more - USSR Repetoire IS the Hip Hop Hall of Fame. Respect given and sounds stolen, remixed, fugged up. Challenging the deaf-inition of music, while retaining a sense of humour.....Concrete tunes from creaking doors and squeaking popes, under the flourescent banner of Hip Hop? Get with the USSR Repetoire. Don't just survive whilst waiting for someone else's revolution to clear your head - step out, get wild, live by the Theory of Verticality:- Check digits. Eat chicken. Drink tea. Live hip-hop'