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Coldcut - Let Us Replay
2 x Vinyl LP
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CD Album
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Let Us Replay


Released: 1st January 1999 | 17 track album
Game over. Come Again? The epic project entitled 'Let Us Play' is given the infamous Ninja camel regurgitation treatment to accompany VJAMM, the latest audio-visual innovation from the indupitable scientists of stoopid sound. From the blissful meltdown cream massaged into the joints of 'Panopticon' and 'Rubaiyat' by the Irresistible Force and Carl Craig respectively, to the acoustic warblings of Miss Selena Saliva and the Sycophants on 'the Tale of Viginia Epitome' and 'Noah's Toilet', 'Let Us Replay' allows you to relive the thrill of those fast curves and urban shoot-outs - except this time, your passenger seat is filled by the likes of Grandmaster Flash, Shut Up & Dance, J Swinscoe , DJ Lord Faderand many more... The remix project of Coldcut's latest landmark album includes live versions of 'Atomic Moog 2000' recorded at Sonarin Barcelona, and 'Panopticon', recorded in Tokyo. These were the result of a successful tour that saw a unique live show; gone are the days where some sad fucker presses play on his DAT machine and bobs his head. This album allows you to travel on the journey of progressive music, where perhaps a track is never finally finished - it just mutates with the continuous flux of change... From the dancefloor pressure of Cornelius' 'Atomic Moog 2000' & Shut Up & Dance's chilling reworking of 'Evey Home a Prison' featuring Jello Biafra - to the classic ninja style cut-ups of 'More Beats & Pieces'(turntable version) and 'Last Night a Cliche Saved My Life', feat. DJ Food and the legend Grandmaster Flash - 'Let Us Replay' will have you hitting the restart button again, and again, and.........'