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The Maghreban - Output
12" Vinyl

The Maghreban


Zoot Records

Released: 11th March 2016 | 1 track house single

The Maghreban has been making dusty house music for a couple of years now and has put a few records out on his own imprint Zoot and also on Versatile records. Some people have liked this.

The Maghreban found a bunch of old cassette tapes at his dads house. One said 'Alex July 84' on it. This tape was from Alexandria, Egypt in the summer of 1984. It had some interesting music recorded on it. The Maghreban sampled a few of the tracks to make this one.

"This is dope!"
Ben Westbeech, BBCR1
"May you make music forever my friend!!"
Hunee, Amsterdam
"Sounding dope as always"
Moxie, BBCR1/NTS
"So good!!"
Barnt, Magazine
"Another killer!"
Jon K, NTS
"Strong shit"
Photonz, Creme O
"Dope as always"
AMUS, 2562
"Damn son"
Afrikan Sciences, PAN
Mosca, NTS