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Jem Stone - Perpetual Lotion EP
12" Vinyl
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Jem Stone

Perpetual Lotion EP

Freshly Squeezed

Released: 27th June 2011 | 3 track electropop ep
Jem Stone's unique take on any genre is always compelling and highly individual.

He made an impressive and memorable contribution to the early days of electro swing with the break-beat, dance-floor-filling flavors of his debut release on Freshly Squeezed, the Electric Circus EP (2010).

Now Jem returns with a perfectly timed and unexpectedly fresh twist on a sound that has sometimes, in less skilled hands, become formulaic in it's swift rise. The Perpetual Lotion EP raises the bar once again and opens up many new possibilities. This record will change the future direction of electro swing!

Here the 1920s and 30s samples aren't just backed by a house beat, but given such a distorting twist the whole has become something else entirely. The EP is slower and darker than before with brooding bass and deeper production that adds a vital contemporary edge.

As before, look out for the accompanying animations on YouTube - - and in particular Jem's full-length album later in 2011.

NOTES: Jem Panufnik co-founded Finger Lickin' Records in 1997, recording and DJing as Soul of Man amongst other guises. Under his Jem Stone alias he's had a wide variety of releases on labels such as Fort Knox, Thrust and Finger Lickin', has remixed Kraak & Smaak, Smoove & Turrell and collaborated with Lee Coombs and Elite Force. Jem also records with Rennie Pilgrem as Bush Doctors, occasionally writes music for film and TV. A graphic artist and illustrator, Jem was behind the famous Finger Lickin' artwork and now creates the animations that accompany many of his Freshly Squeezed releases.

"An insane jazz experiment that's escaped from a lab and is now rolling around late-night Chicago searching for the most low-rent speakeasy available."
Stef Mo, Never Enough Notes