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4Peace, Ecklectic Mick & Monetrik - Electro Blues Sampler
12" Vinyl
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4Peace, Ecklectic Mick & Monetrik

Electro Blues Sampler

Freshly Squeezed

Released: 14th January 2013 | 3 track big beat single

Electro-Blues is the latest new musical adventure from Freshly Squeezed - the label behind the WHITE MINK global events and CDs and the key player in the Electro Swing scene generally. Electro-Blues may be a twist on an old formula, but it's no less powerful for that.

This 12 sampler is a tantalising hint of what to expect on the newly released Electro-Blues double CD compilation. It's a strong opener for a new genre that - amazingly - has not been properly attempted before. Once again Freshly Squeezed is at the leading of edge of contemporary but vintage-inspired sounds.

This 12 covers Funk, Ska and House all in an Electro Blues style. It's the first time on vinyl for Monetrik and New York's Cabbie Hat Records label boss 4Peace with an exclusive debut for Ecklectic Mick (Boogie Children). As you would expect - every track will have it's own fans, but all would smash a dance-floor at an Electro-Blues club night!

Brighton Source
"It's time to make way for Electro-Blues"
Jeff Hemmings, The Latest
"Simply the finest collection of lovingly remixed blues ever presented!"
DJ Chris Tofu, Lost Vagueness, Glastonbury/Electro Swing Club