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Stereo De Luxe - Monosyllabic
CD Album
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Stereo De Luxe


Freshly Squeezed

Released: 2nd March 2009 | 11 track single
STEREO DE LUXE are a slick and twisted Berlin production duo; guitarist Tom Krimi and keyboard/vocalist DJ Kassi who collaborate with various guest singers. Their relationship with Freshly Squeezed goes right back to their Club Montepulciano compilation series which featured tracks from their debut album Glam-o-rama (2000) on Germany's Bungalow Records. The pair have since had releases on Freddy Fresh's Howlin' Records (USA), Plastic Raygun (UK), Escalator (Japan) and Pussycat (Spain). Despite that, MONOSYLLABIC is still only their second full length album and consequently something of a 'best of'. It brings together the incredible range of material recorded since their debut. While some of these tracks have been sporadically released, the album also contains many completely new cuts and bubblin' remixes. It makes for an impressively cohesive and rich package, where polished and superbly crafted electro-funk instrumentals meet lush vocal harmony arrangements all off-set by a slightly kinky and somehow very Berlin pop sensibility.
"A high quality collection in a very European style that contains enough oomph to hit the spot on the dancefloor whilst remaining completely listenable"
Gines De Passamonte, Vainzine
"One hell of a cocktail. If you like your grooves slightly warped and a bit perverse, then you will love Stereo de Luxe."
Jamie Hailstone, Properly Chilled
"The Chic-like groove on ‘Disco Desperado’ is one of the most taut funk lines you will hear this year. "
Editor, Bearded
"A playful, tight, punchy and gloriously sunny record from a very talented pair of producers."
Robbie Spargo, Buzzin Electronic Music