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Swing Republic - Electro Swing Republic
CD Album

Swing Republic

Electro Swing Republic

Freshly Squeezed

Released: 5th September 2011 | 12 track electropop album
Yes, this really is a new genre and an exciting one at last…. Time Out
The sound of 2011 Mixmag

Freshly Squeezed is the leading label in an electro swing revolution. Following the phenomenal success of our 'White Mink: Black Cotton' compilation series, the continued rise of our artists 'The Correspondents', a string of festival bookings and White Mink curates… events, national press features and much more, we are delighted to release Swing Republic's seminal debut on CD for the first time.

Swing Republic began life as a side-project for a platinum-selling Danish producer (who co-wrote Germany's biggest selling album of 2010). He began remixing the swing music that he loved with modern beats and licensed several tracks to various compilations, most notably 'On The Downbeat', (which was, incidentally, the first tune he wrote in this style). It was while trying to license a track for White Mink that we were amazed to discover an almost complete and unreleased debut album.

Now, following a sell-out run of Swing Republic 12 singles and the huge success of the download version of this album, we have decided to respond to public demand and make a CD pressing of this brilliant album available for the first time including a brand new and previous unreleased track, Drum Boogie, and packaged in a tactile, reverse card 'tour poster blank' style sleeve.

Swing Republic deliver an infectious 21st century dance-floor take on a cracking selection of vintage swing classics. Not in a jive-bunny way, but with a taste and respect that refreshes the originals rather than overwhelms them. Not only does the album as a whole steer clear of some of the emerging cliché's of the new genre by avoiding a default swing-house style, but it also eschews the more obvious choices of source material instead branching into fresh areas of 40s R&B, Jive and even Blues to stunning effect.

This album has some truly amazing gems on it (Peas & Rice, Cryin' At Daybreak stand out). Consistent with the Freshly Squeezed track record, many tunes will no doubt make their way into advertising, film and TV. Swing Republic are also now performing live with singer Karina Kappel (at White Mink and the Electro Swing Club amongst others in the UK and places like the Copenhagen Jazz Festival etc in Europe).

October Tour:
Liverpool, Edinburgh, Sheffield, London, Cardiff, Brighton, Bristol, Southampton, Leeds, Durham, Oxford, Nottingham and Manchester.
"A perfect balance between up-to-date smoothness of contemporary electronic production and the happy-go-lucky sensibilities of its swingin’ antecedents"
Stef Mo, Never Enough Notes
"Drum Boogie has been the biggest track of the night the last few gigs I've done... amazing!"
Pete, Jelly Jazz
"Love it! This is easily one of the best releases of the year..."
Agogo records
"This sounds great, very good fun"
Goodgroove Records