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Stereo De Luxe - Unisex
CD Album
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Stereo De Luxe


Freshly Squeezed

Released: 18th June 2012 | 10 track downtempo album

'If this new CD was a drink...;it would be absinthe. Stereo de Luxe have taken beats and vibes from all parts of the musical spectrum, and mixed them into one hell of a cocktail' -

These slick and twisted Berlin producers, STEREO DE LUXE have done it again with this amazing new electro pop album called Unisex

Their tight, highly polished and somehow very German sound has found its way into your ears on film, tv and games adding to the soundtracks of anything from a NIKE COMMERICAL to SONY PLAYSTATION's LittleBIGplanet.

STEREO DE LUXE's 'kinky germanic' sound came together when guitarist Tom Krimi joined writer/DJ Kassi in 1998, after Kassi had toured under the name STEREO DE LUXE across Europe and the USA.

After relocating to London, STEREO DE LUXE joined with Nick Hollywood's new Brighton based label FRESHLY SQUEEZED and released 2009's MONOSYLLABIC a playful, tight, punchy and gloriously sunny record from a very talent pair of producers' ( MONOSYLLABIC is classic FRESHLY SQUEEZED that is 'not out of place at a burlesque club' (

In the past they created the highly acclaimed GLAM-O-RAMA, collaborating with vocal juggler Hartmut Lippstuek, Agent Annie and Sol. GLAM-O-RAMA caught everyone's attention with its funky basslines, samples and beats. Releases followed on other labels including HOWLIN RECORDS, PLASTIC RAYGUN, ESCALATOR and PUSSYCATS.

On STEREO DE LUXE downtime, Kassi continues to DJ and tour with his rock band ELECTRIC AIRLINE while Tom Krimi has been recording tracks for an upcoming solo album. Don't worry, the pair still come together at their studio in Berlin to lay down tracks for the future STEREO DE LUXE sound. Watch this space.