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Various Artists - Copperdollar, The Back Of Beyond
CD Album

Various Artists

Copperdollar, The Back Of Beyond

Freshly Squeezed

Released: 20th January 2014 | 15 track alt dance album

'Copperdollar, The Back Of Beyond' is a 15 track digipack CD and download compilation album. It is put together in collaboration with Copperdollar, the award-winning performance company known for their cutting-edge immersive theatre productions. Copperdollar have become a wildly popular and surreal fixture at numerous UK music festivals winning a dedicated following from everyone lucky enough to have stumbled across their after-hours tent in the eponymous Back Of Beyond.

Difficult to describe, but impossible to forget said Nick Hollywood, Freshly Squeezed label boss.

The CD features obscure but infectious music from their shows and is compiled by their resident DJ, Marc Stylus. The music takes elements of traditional latin and hispanic music and places them firmly in a 21st century context. The overall effect is seductive but modern, beguiling the the listener by a hypnotic world of transcendent beats, basslines and the irresistable vitality only a celebration of the afterlife can bring. 'The Back Of Beyond' CD is the musical soul of Copperdollar.

Originally commissioned by Glastonbury Festival (after playing a key role in defining the notorious Lost Vagueness), Copperdollar have since performed at Brighton Fringe, The National Theatre, Bestival, Boomtown and many more. The release of this compilation marks a new milestone in the history of the Company and showcases the unique musical heritage at the heart of their performances.

Freshly Squeezed are world-leaders in putting a modern dance spin on vintage records (Mixmag). Having pioneered the reinvention of vintage swing and blues they are excited to be working with Copperdollar on something with a contemporary Latin flavour.

Catch Copperdollar live at Glastonbury later this year, or experience a special album launch taster event with Movimientos at London's Passing Clouds on 21st February 2014.