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Swingrowers - Remote
CD Album



Freshly Squeezed

Released: 23rd February 2015 | 11 track broken beat album

The Swingrowers (pronounced Swing Growers) release their second, full-length, album 'Remote' on 9th February 2015. It will be available on CD and limited edition vinyl and is available digitally from December 2014.

Remote is a revelation. A complete and fully-realised Electro Swing album that seamlessly blends 20's and 30's influences with polished contemporary production; Superb musicianship with great song-writing; a unique modern sound with classically gorgeous, jazz-inflected vocals.

This is the sound of a band (and indeed an up-start young genre) maturing rapidly. [Juno Download]

What marks this out is the departure from any use of vintage samples. Instead, every track, every sound is entirely original - the influences have been fully absorbed. If there was ever any doubt that this genre had a future, then this is the rebuttal. Remote is nothing less than a game-changer.

The album was written collaboratively by the new 5-piece Swingrowers. Now incorporating new members on Violin, Clarinet/Sax with the previous Manouche (Gypsy) Guitar, Drums/Keys/Production and Vocals, the album also features a collaboration with London rappers Too Many T's on the story of the sibling rivalry between Django Reinhardt and his brother (Track 6 - 'Django') and is the latest in an increasingly impressive line of releases on Brighton Independent label, Freshly Squeezed.

"I've really been enjoying this album lately. There's something unique this Italian crowd bring to their brand of Electro Swing."
Craig Charles Funk & Soul Shows - BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC 6 Music
"Swingrowers have, with this album, cemented their position as one of the most interesting and innovative electro-swing groups on the scene..."
Jack The Cad
"The Swingrowers are today's best underground response to the massive success of Caro Emerald"
Bart & Baker
"Remote is the sound of a band maturing at a rapid pace"
Juno Download