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The Voodoo Trombone Quartet - Vibrations EP
10" Vinyl
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The Voodoo Trombone Quartet

Vibrations EP

Freshly Squeezed

Released: 24th November 2008 | 3 track single
The Vibrations EP is an all-instrumental taster on delicious 10 vinyl for the 2nd album from The Voodoo Trombone Quartet. Lead track Vibrations picks up where the previous EP (The Phantom) left off. It's an unashamedly brass-heavy instrumental on a funky tip; think Booker T And The MGs covering Pick Up The Pieces with Mark Ronson at the controls. The flip side's Do It Your Own Way weighs in with an equally strong late-summer, feel-good tune showing off the bands signature ska-inflected, beat-driven sound, while Millionaire's Holiday completes the package with a Brazilian style big brass workout. The Voodoo Trombone Quartet were conceived in 2004 by producer, record collector and multi instrumentalist Paul Thorpe. Their first tracks were made freely available on the internet by their creator as supposedly 'rediscovered' originals. The joke backfired however when the tracks became immensely popular in their own right and each one clocked up thousands of downloads. Newly formed independent Freshly Squeezed duly took note and signed Paul for the bands eponymous debut in 2005. A live 8-piece band was soon put together and festival dates through 2006 culminated in near disaster when the single Medium Wave almost blew their cult credentials by reaching the fringes of the official UK Download Chart. Fortunately it was a near miss and they retain their underground status to this day.
"Well worth the wait. ‘Vibrations’ has taken it a step further... a wonderful sound bombast of brass with a healthy dose of electronics."
Singles review, Bearded Magazine
"This is genuinely good stuff, as anyone who heard their previous EP will testify... They're on a roll and they know it."
Jamie Hailstone,