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Don Air - Carpenters' Delight
2 x Vinyl LP
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Don Air

Carpenters' Delight

Freshly Squeezed

Released: 19th May 2008 | 12 track album
Drenched in genuine Joie De Vivre. Somehow the Don knows. TIME OUT Probably the best album made by three German carpenters.... ever. NME Exhilarating, joyous, rug-cutting cool MOJO DON AIR are an unlikely trio of German chippies who met in the late 90's on a building site in South London. They were destined to create the last release on the Stereo MC's ill-fated label, the late Response Records. Their album CARPENTERS' DELIGHT was a brilliantly off-beat gem that intrigued and beguiled all who heard it. Shortly after the album (catalogue number RESP013) hit the shops however, the records' distributor went bust and the label called it a day. Despite critical acclaim and strong sales, the album disappeared from the shops as fast as it had appeared. Now the UK independent Freshly Squeezed Music is to risk re-issuing this almost-lost cult classic for the download generation. It's an album that remains as fresh, exciting and alive with surprise as it ever did. We are proud to give you back, DON AIR and will also be releasing brand new The Lost Tapes later this year.
"Musically it’s fabulous... not only do these guys draw wonderfully on an eclectic range of musical influences but they genuinely love them."
Norman Miller, Bearded Magazine
"A delight indeed... and delightful to everyone, not just carpenters"
Dave Howell,
"Has 'underground classic' written all over it"
Blair Cartwright,