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Twisted Individual - Sinking Ship

Twisted Individual

Sinking Ship

Zombie Recordings

Released: 24th September 2007 | 2 track jungle/drum 'n' bass single
'Sinking Ship' has a calm intro with lush pads, swirling strings and keys in the background. A vocoded vocal sees Twisted getting lyrical before a massive drum roll drops in, catching you unaware and the track is launched. A straight up party tune with the dancefloor firmly in it's sights. Here's what Shogun Audios DJ Friction had to say.. This one reminds me of what Twisted was doing a few years back, basically a straight up, in your face party tune… I'm tipping this to be a big one. Having signed some of their liquid productions to the Allsorts imprint (ALLSORTS002), Mutated Forms came knocking saying they wanted to make some jump up tunes for us – what better way to get them started than to give them one of Twisted's old tracks to bring bang up to date. With their choice of the back catalogue to choose from the Estonian trio opted for 'Slam Dunk' and have not disappointed with a killer remix. Plays from Grooverider, Nicky Blackmarket, Mikey Finn and a whole host of others, this is a strong introduction to the dancefloor for the Mutated trio.