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Special Patrol Group - Partical Beam

Special Patrol Group

Partical Beam

Zombie Recordings

Released: 3rd March 2008 | 2 track jungle/drum 'n' bass single
Special Patrol Group bag their first ever release and come with something a little different. 'Partical Beam' gives a nod to the Bodyrock school of Drum and Bass but keeps things datively minimal. A simple hi-hat and fx's get the track going before a fierce drum roll kicks in and the bassline takes control. When a single bongo is all it takes to add a new dimension to a track, you know that some time has gone in its conception. Minimal and simple it may be, but it's definitely a party track. A naughty bit of jump up that keeps away from the formulas being rinsed all over the scene at the moment. Plays from DJ Marky, Hype, Chrissy Chris and more – not bad for a debut release. 'Supernova' is a hypnotic synth lead track with tough drums, calming but eerie strings and a whole load of sub to shake the walls down!