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Vital Elements - No Getting Out

Vital Elements

No Getting Out

Zombie Recordings

Released: 28th April 2008 | 2 track jungle/drum 'n' bass single
'No Getting Out' is instantly recognisable with a high pitched riff kicking off the intro. This riff forms the backbone of this track and it keeps on combining with a whole host of other sneaky sounds and FX's until the beats come smashing in along with a meaty bass hit. This is definitely one for the skankers and wall slappers, as before you know the tracks launched a full on dancefloor assault, taking no prisoners! 'Culture Riddim' sees Vital give a nod to his Serial Killing alter ego with some serious duplate samples and soundsystem FX's straight from a Telepathy 1995 tape pack! This one is all about the switches - a twisting, turning and morphing bassline ensures that you never quite know what's gonna hit you next, keeping the track fresh in the mix and ravers moving!