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Cabbie - Woke Up


Woke Up

Zombie Recordings

Released: 31st August 2009 | 2 track jungle/drum 'n' bass single
CABBIE is no stranger the world of drum and bass, with a huge amount of experience as a DJ, producer, sound engineer, dubplate mastering and club sound engineer, system support for Steinberg software, music tutor and record shop manager, this is an individual who knows his music. It should come as no surprise then that over the last 18 months Cabbie has seen his productions signed to leading labels such as Bryan Gee's 'Chronic' and DJ Hype & Pascal's 'Ganja Records' and as well as this he has recently started his own imprint 'Pollution Recordings' – definitely a busy man! Now we welcome him to Zombie with his debut release on the label. 'Woke Up' is a tough piece of Jump Up mayhem, and a track which would definitely get any party in need of a wake-up call going again! Tight, rolling beats combine with meaty single bass stabs on the intro breaking out into a real stomper with the bass stabs underpinned by a hefty fast paced bassline wobbler! 'Come In' is a dirty slice of Jump Up, keeping the party vibes, the energy and pace, but with added grime! The kind of track to slam into the mix after a lull in proceedings – this track goes straight for the jugular. Recent press: DJ Mag – Issue 461 - Cabbie - Blast Off/Bass Kick - Nam Musik In terms of sheer energy expending qualities with furious excitement, this one wins hands down today... Jump-up in its most potent, fervent and noxious form.